Chevy Corvette is going electric


Not to be left in a dust, Chevrolet just confirmed that Corvette will join the EV camp. Mark Reuss, the president of Chevy, announced on Monday that the electric Corvette is in development and it will be available from next year – initially as a hybrid, but it will be shortly followed by a battery-only EV. The interesting part of that announcement is the fact that the electric version won’t replace the ICE – no sir, it’ll be an addition to the Corvette lineup.

This is already creating a lot of controversy, after all Corvette was always about power and noise. There will be a lot of upset people out there, hardcore fans of Corvette would suffer unreversible health problems if the EV was the only option and Chevy decided to play it safe and just add the electric version to already available petrol ones.

Chevy Corvette is going electric

Corvette is joining Equinox, Blazer and Silverado announcements in the relentless push for electrification, Chevy has committed $35 billion to have the entire model lineup fully electrified by 2040.

That road is already being paved by Bolt EV, GMC Sierra, Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyriq and Celestiq – the avalanche has already started and there is no stopping it. The first victim of this push for change is the humble Chevy Spark, the pioneer of battery powered Chevrolets in production since 2013 – replacement battery packs are no longer being produced for this model.


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