China EV insurance registrations for week ending Jul 7: Nio 5,300, Tesla 6,500, Xiaomi 3,700, BYD 58,800 | News World

Li Auto had 8,000 insurance registrations last week, Xpeng 1,800, Zeekr 3,800, Leapmotor 3,800 and Aito 7,900.

Major electric vehicle (EV) makers’ insurance registrations in China slipped last week, as vehicle deliveries were usually slow at the beginning of the month.

For the week of July 1-7, Nio (NYSE: NIO) saw 5,300 insurance registrations of its vehicles in China, down 22.06 percent from 6,800 in the previous week, according to data shared today by Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI).

Li Auto stopped sharing weekly insurance numbers earlier this year, after doing so for about 1 year. In early May, it restarted sharing those numbers.

Nio delivered 21,209 vehicles in June, surpassing May’s previous record of 20,544 vehicles for a second consecutive record month.

Nio delivered a record 57,373 vehicles in the second quarter, unexpectedly exceeding the upper end of its guidance range of between 54,000 and 56,000 vehicles.

On July 5, Nio announced the…


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