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–         New electric bike under development

–         Likely to be launched under BSA

–         Primary focus on European markets

Classic Legends is planning to join the green and clean bandwagon. The company has started working on a new electric bike project that will debut globally in 2024.

According to a report, this new EV is being co-developed with the University of Warwick and will be positioned as the most affordable electric motorcycle in the segment. It is yet to be known whether the electric bike will be launched under BSA or other Classic Legends brands. However, since this EV is being developed for the UK and other European markets, it is likely to carry the BSA brand.

Classic Legends’ direct rival, Royal Enfield, is also working on a range of electric motorcycles. However, this company is looking to launch premium EVs first, followed by affordable versions. This route is being taken so that the brand can also showcase its technology expertise and bring in products that come with excellent riding range. For that to happen, the battery capacity has to be big, which means the overall pricing will be higher.

Currently, Classic Legends sells several motorcycles in India under Jawa and Yezdi. Over the last few months, it has also upgraded its bikes, which could help the brand attract more consumers. Sadly, it currently has no plans to introduce an EV in India.

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