Cold plunges may benefit your heart health | Science & Technology

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There might be some health benefits to the trend of cold plunging, new research suggests.

Scores of Instagram influencers claim that a dunk into a frigid bath will boost physical and mental health and help the body recover more quickly from exercise. But is that the case?

“We found that a 15-minute immersion can help specific biomarkers of physiological health, and improve participants’ psychological well-being,” says Chris Minson, a professor in human physiology at the University of Oregon, who led the work alongside graduate student Emma Reed.

Minson and his team tracked a variety of health measures in college students before, during, and after a short cold-water immersion. They found a significant reduction in participants’ heart rate, blood pressure, and a common stress biomarker called cortisol after the cold plunge. And they noted that participants reported better moods three hours after…


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