Colorado Parks and Wildlife announces the expansion of Aria app in state parks | Technology Apps

DENVER (KKTV) – Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced their expansion of Aria, an app that allows those with visual impairments to experience state parks in a new way.

CPW said this app uses live video through a smartphone or computer to connect to a live agent. The agent would walk the guest through the park in real-time, describing his or her surroundings and visually interpreting what is shown through the camera. The app can be useful for those who are blind or have low vision.

Aria provides free 30-minute sessions, and users can add additional sessions if they choose.

According to CPW, the expansion is a part of Governor Polis’s goal of a “Colorado for All’.

“All of our park visitors, including blind or lower vision visitors, deserve access to our services,” said CPW Director Jeff Davis. “We’re incredibly fortunate to be included in the expansion of Aira, helping ensure everyone feels welcome at our parks, and know that our programs and locations aim to be…


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