Costs top health worries among older adults | Science & Technology

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Health care costs, including medical and dental care, medications, insurance, and nursing homes, weigh heavily on the minds of older Americans of all backgrounds, a new poll suggests.

Asked to rate their level of concern about 26 different health-related topics for people over 50 in their community, five of the six issues that the most people cited as very concerning involved health costs. The sixth—financial scams and fraud—also had to do with money.

Those same six topics rose to the top no matter what age group, gender, race, ethnic group, region of the country, size of community, political ideology, or income group older adults came from, according to new findings from the University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging.

Overall, 56% of people over 50 said they’re very concerned about the cost of medical care for older adults in their community.

An equal percentage said they’re very concerned…


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