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Days ago, Warner Bros. Discovery announced it’d shelved another film: Coyote vs. Acme, which was intended to be the newest film for the Looney Toons brand. Originally meant for Max before getting bumped up to a theatrical release, WBD said the completed film would be vaulted and never see the light of day. And much like what happened with Batgirl’s abrupt axing last year, social media was not happy about this.

According to Rolling Stone, director Dave Green and top producers Chris DeFaria and James Gunn (the latter of whom helped come up with the story and currently runs DC Films for WB) were only informed of WBD’s decision as it was being made. One crew member didn’t even know what had happened until the outlet had contacted them for comment. Unnamed parties were interested in buying the film, but WBD didn’t wish to part with it, instead choosing to take the $30 million tax write-off for ending production.

Coyote vs. Acme would’ve seen Wile E. Coyote sue the titular corporation for its many, many products backfiring on him in his years-long pursuit of the Roadrunner. Will Forte was to play his attorney, an equally unlucky human, while John Cena was to play the Acme CEO who previously intimidated Forte’s…

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