Curvature propulsion and the future of intergalactic space travel | News World

If you are a fan of reading or watching science fiction, you have definitely encountered the concept of curvature propulsion — one of the most fascinating and speculative frontiers in theoretical physics and advanced space travel.

Rooted in Einstein’s general theory of relativity, it proposes innovative methods to manipulate spacetime itself to achieve faster-than-light travel without violating the laws of physics.

Einstein’s theory and curvature propulsion

General relativity, formulated by Albert Einstein, provides the theoretical foundation for curvature propulsion. This theory describes gravity as the curvature of spacetime caused by mass and energy.

Massive objects, like stars and planets, warp the fabric of spacetime, influencing the motion of other objects.

This understanding of spacetime curvature opened up the possibility of manipulating it to achieve extraordinary travel speeds.

Warp drives as imagined by Miguel Alcubierre

One of the most well-known theoretical models…


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