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The XPS 15 9530 from Dell is on sale now as part of an early Black Friday deal. We were able to review the XPS 15 9530 and really enjoyed our time with it. It is nearly perfect, and with these awesome configurations on sale, it’s a great time to upgrade.

This deal lasts until November 13th, so don’t procrastinate too long if you want an XPS 15. There are 3 different configurations of the XPS 15 available, if you have it in the budget, the XPS 15 Laptop with Intel Core i9 RTX 4060 GPU and 32 GB of RAM is a fantastic deal.

The best early deals for Black Friday: Quick links

Why should you buy an XPS 15 laptop?

In our Dell XPS 15 review, the unit we used had 1TB storage, Core i7, 32GB of RAM, RTX 4070, and the 3.5K OLED display, which, at the time of the review, cost $2800. This is pretty close to the units here that are on sale. As we stated in our review, The Dell XPS 15 “straddles that line between high-end regular laptops and mid-tier gaming laptops.” This is the best way to understand why this laptop fills such a great spot in the market.

Most of us need a laptop to get some actual work done. It is portable, lightweight, and has a great screen and keyboard. At the same time, though, sometimes we want to celebrate the Microsoft and Blizzard merger by playing some World of Warcraft or Starcraft but don’t plan on loading up Cyberpunk 2077 for long gaming sessions on it. If you’re like me, the XPS 15 is a great option, and for these prices, they make an excellent self-gift for the holidays or a special someone in your life.

When does Black Friday start?

Pinning down the exact day for Black Friday deals is somewhat tricky. Amazon’s actual Black Friday deals event runs from Nov. 23 through Nov. 24, however, each retailer is different. Most will have awesome deals leading up to these days while others will trail the days or weeks afterward…

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