Destiny 2 gives all players access to three expansions as The Final Shape draws closer | Gaming Trailer

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As Destiny 2‘s The Final Shape expansion hovers ever closer like someone gently nudged an absurdly large dodecahedron towards us in zero gravity, Bungie have gone and made three expansions free until June 3rd. For about a month, all players now have access to The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep along with the past four seasons of quests and things. Hey, that’s pretty cool.

In order of release, you’ve got Shadowkeep, then Beyond Light, then Witch Queen. What’s neat is you don’t need to tackle them in any order. From my experience, you can wade through the menus, find your expansion of choice, track them, then press the “Launch” button to wizz you into each mission. I say this as if navigating the menus is easy. Reader, there should be a series of Race Across The World, except it’s called Race Across Destiny 2’s UI, where teams of two have to reach a certain tab within a time limit. I guarantee it will be more difficult than getting to Singapore from Slough without taking a train.

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Having semi-recently completed all of these expansions, I can safely say Shadowkeep had some very lovely architecture and that was… largely all I…


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