Don’t expect a Final Fantasy 8 remake after FF7 Remake, director suggests – it’s simply too much work | Gaming

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The director of Final Fantasy 8 has shot down hopes that the next numbered Final Fantasy might see a remake once the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy comes to its conclusion. The reason? Simply that it’s a lot of damn work.

Speaking ahead of FF8’s 25th anniversary this month, Yoshinori Kitase – who also serves as the series’ producer – told IGN that if a hypothetical remake of VIII were to happen, he’d look to “really rework” the game’s divisive Junction system used for its summons (aka Guardian Forces), character stats and abilities such as magic. The system requires players to assign various upgrades to characters in order to use certain skills, allowing for complete customisation of their passive traits and active abilities during fights.

“I think it was a very difficult system for some people to get into,” Kitase admitted, expressing his belief that any modern remake would need to ensure that the “difficulty and approachability” of the battle system were “a lot better balanced”. (As someone with a friend who effectively became a part-time Junction consultant for the rest of our FF-playing friendship group, I can see his point.)

Even if the Junction system were to be reworked, Kitase was upfront about the likelihood – or not – of a Final Fantasy 8 remake happening. In short: don’t get your hopes up. With Final Fantasy 7 Remake taking literally decades to come to fruition and then needing to be split into three enormous, expensive games, it’s no surprise that the cost and effort required to remake a lengthy RPG with modern-day visuals and gameplay is a major sticking point.

“Trying to recreate that kind of volume of content you had in the RPGs back then in the modern day really is not something you can take up lightly,” Kitase…

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