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While gear and Gold become quite plentiful as you progress far into Capcom’s new ARPG Dragon’s Dogma 2, these resources are pretty scarce in the early game. Completing side quests to obtain their rewards and exploring the open world thoroughly helps with this — there’s even a way to stay in a house for free and buy it for cheap later, saving you Gold on inn rests — but even so, you’ll likely be low on money for a while and won’t be able to upgrade your equipment often.

I’m well past this point in my own playthrough, but recently, I discovered a special treasure vault in Vernworth Castle that I previously missed — and within, there’s lots of treasure that’ll give players in the early game a big progression boost. Here’s a quick guide on where this Vernworth Castle Vault can be found, along with an overview of all the different ways you can get into it.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Vernworth Castle Vault location

Head here to find the staircase that leads to the Vernworth Castle Vault. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The hallway that leads to the Vernworth Castle Vault is pretty easy to miss, though you might have already stumbled upon it if you’ve snuck around in the citadel during some early game quests like “An Unsettling Encounter.” You’ll find the staircase you need to go down on the northeast side of the castle’s first floor, right next to the Vernworth Castle Dining Hall and Vernworth Castle Kitchens. The specific spot you need to go to is circled in red in the image above.

Keep in mind that the entirety of the castle and its surrounding grounds is a restricted area, so make sure you avoid getting close to guards you see inside or out. I also recommend entering the castle through the door that connects the Vernworth Castle Kitchens to the exterior grounds to minimize risk, as very few guards, if any, are ever found here.

Notably, if you wear the Marcher’s Armor Set…

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