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Japanese researchers have used a single-mode microwave generator to produce their metal plasmas. This creates more controlled and highly focused microwaves. Hot gases composed of metal ions and electrons, called plasmas, are widely used in many manufacturing processes, chemical synthesis, and metal extraction from ores and welding. A collaborative research group from Tohoku University and the Toyohashi University of Technology has invented a new and efficient method to create metallic plasmas from solid metals under a strong magnetic field in a microwave resonator.

The final and more innovative system contains a double quartz tube, with the solid material that is converted into the plasma sitting within the inner tube.

This is a new and unconventional method for utilizing plasmas, which we consider to be crucial for reducing the energy requirements for future materials science applications.

AIP Advances Journal – Metal ion plasma generation under strong magnetic field in microwave resonator

In many conventional plasma generation methods, a strong electric field is applied to a gas or liquid to generate plasma. In addition, metal oxides such as rare earth minerals and metals require enormous amounts of energy for their reduction reactions. In this paper, we propose a method of directly exciting the plasma from Mg and Ca metal solids, without gas or liquid, using a strong magnetic field and stabilizing it. Electrons and atoms are emitted by the induced current in a resonator operated in the TM110 mode; these electrons and atoms are generated as plasma in a magnetic field. The resonance frequency is then changed slightly from the TM110 mode to the TM111 mode while being limited to ∼40 MHz, ensuring that the microwave energy is supplied stably to the plasma and…

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