Dragon’s Dogma 2’s first big update patch is here and adds a “New Game” option, but it’s late on Xbox | Gaming

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What you need to know

  • The first major update for Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom’s new long-awaited ARPG sequel, has been released on PC and PS5. The patch hasn’t come out on Xbox yet, though the developers say it’s planned to come “in the next few days.”
  • The patch adds the option to start a new game if you have an ongoing playthrough and expands the number of Art of Metamorphosis appearance change items available in-game to 99, while also making a quest that allows you to obtain a permanent residence accessible earlier in the story.
  • This update also makes motion blur and ray tracing toggleable and adds a 30 FPS cap option on console, and both improves DLSS quality and fixes a model display bug on PC.
  • Fixes and improvements for poor PC performance are slated to come in “future updates,” though it’s currently unclear when players can expect these to release.

A few days after developer Capcom first revealed a series of beneficial changes coming to its new single player ARPG Dragon’s Dogma 2, the studio has released a special Title Update for the long-awaited sequel that pushes them live. It’s available to download and install now for players on PC and PS5, though notably, it hasn’t come out on Xbox yet. Capcom says “updates to Xbox Series X|S are planned in the next few days,” though, so users of Microsoft’s consoles shouldn’t have to wait long.

Though it’s almost impossible to tell by reading the official patch notes thanks to one of the worst text and webpage background color combinations I’ve ever seen (check the image below and you’ll understand), the update, as expected, adds the option to start a new game if you already have a playthrough going. Additionally, it also expanded the number of Art of Metamorphosis tomes available in the vanilla game from 2 to 99, allowing players to change character appearance frequently if they want to (provided they’ve got the Rift Crystals

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