Dropbox Sign customer data accessed in breach | Malware

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Dropbox is reporting a recent “security incident” in which an attacker gained unauthorized access to the Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) production environment. During this access, the attacker had access to Dropbox Sign customer information.

Dropbox Sign is a platform that allows customers to digitally sign, edit, and track documents. The accessed customer information includes email addresses, usernames, phone numbers, and hashed passwords, in addition to general account settings and certain authentication information such as API keys, OAuth tokens, and multi-factor authentication. The access is limited to Dropbox Sign customers and does not affect users of other Dropbox services because the environments are largely separate.

“We believe that this incident was isolated to Dropbox Sign infrastructure and did not impact any other Dropbox products.”

Even if you never created a Dropbox Sign account but received or signed a document through Dropbox Sign, your email addresses and names were exposed. In a government (K-8) filing about the incident, Dropbox says it found no evidence of unauthorized access to the contents of customers’ accounts (i.e. their…

Source www.malwarebytes.com

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