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The idea for Eli Roth to make a horror movie about Thanksgiving was originally a joke. Several holidays are synonymous with Hollywood horror. Halloween, of course. Christmas has a few movies. Valentine’s Day too. But Thanksgiving? That’s so silly. Or is it?

All of this comes together right at the start of the film with its completely mental opening sequence. While the Thanksgiving holiday is filled with recognizable iconography, most of which is well-represented in the movie, Roth takes a sharp turn right at the start, kicking things off in a whole other place entirely. Another huge facet of modern Thanksgiving is the idea of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when holiday shopping begins with lots of unmissable discounts. It’s an idea that’s evolved over the years and, in some unfortunate cases, gotten out of hand with violence and mayhem..

Thanksgiving starts there, with a Black Friday scene taken out of your darkest nightmares. Selfish, cartoonish Americans yelling, screaming, and eventually rioting and hurting one another. It’s a disturbing,…

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