Elon Musk’s mother says why Snoop Dogg never got free Tesla | News World

The culmination of a bizarre back-and-forth on X has been the mother of Elon Musk saying that it’s unlikely that Snoop Dogg should expect to receive a Tesla.

She explained that there aren’t even ‘family discounts’ for her son CEO’s nearest and dearest.

There’s a lot to unpack there.

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What did Snoop Dogg say about a free Tesla?

“This is a message for Elon Musk,” Snoop Dogg begins in his OG video posted in April 2022.

“Nephew: I need a Tesla.

“When your peoples came to my show, they told me they was gonna get me one.”

He continued: “I’m still waiting… do I have to buy one or you gonna send me one?”

But it turns out that whoever promised that was vastly overstepping.

The truth is that Dogg was already a Tesla owner way before this bizarre exchange began.

In fact, long before this apparent interaction, Snoop Dogg purchased a white Model X SUV in 2017.


Source supercarblondie.com

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