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Tensions are boiling over in Israel as frustrated families of hostages demand answers from the government about the fate of their loved ones and a deal for their release.

“I demand their commitment that everyone is returning home. All the hostages. We must get answers, and a commitment … in a written form,” said Shai Wenkert, who son Omer is being held hostage in Gaza by the militant group Hamas.

Wenkert spoke to media on Monday, before he and other relatives met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war cabinet in Tel Aviv.

So far only a handful of families have met with Netanyahu – infuriating hundreds of other relatives of hostages who say the government isn’t doing enough to free them.

But for some, the meeting only deepened their frustration. Udi Goren, whose cousin Tal Chaimi was taken captive, left the meeting early, saying he felt there was no new information on the hostages provided by the war cabinet, including details about a possible deal to release them.

An estimated 239 hostages are being held in Gaza, abducted during Hamas’ bloody October 7 attacks on Israel that killed around 1,200 people, according to the Israeli military – the largest such attack on Israel since the country’s founding in 1948.

Just a handful of hostages have been…

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