Famine has spread throughout Gaza, say UN experts | News World


The recent deaths of more Palestinian children due to hunger and malnutrition in the Gaza Strip indicates famine has spread across the entire enclave, according to a United Nations statement, citing independent experts.

The experts said the death of a child from malnutrition and dehydration indicates that health and social structures have been attacked and are critically weakened. “When the first child dies from malnutrition and dehydration, it becomes irrefutable that famine has taken hold,” the experts said

The statement by the group of independent experts mandated by the UN cited the deaths of three Palestinian children — 6-month-old Fayez Ataya, 13-year-old Abdulqader Al-Serhi, and 9-year-old Ahmad Abu Reida. It said they died from malnutrition and lack of access to adequate healthcare in late May and early June.


Source www.cnn.com

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