Fences 5 update adds transparency option for desktop content | Windows

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What you need to know

  • Stardock just released an update to Fences 5 that adds the option to blend desktop icons into the background.
  • You can now toggle the Peek feature in Fences 5 within the Taskbar following the update.
  • Fences 5 is available in Release Preview and is discounted to $8.99 while in preview.

If you can’t decide between hiding your desktop icons or showing them on Windows, Stardock may have a solution for you. The latest update to Fences 5 adds a Chameleon feature that lets you blend your desktop into the background. Files, folders, and apps all remain accessible on the desktop, but they are partially transparent. The result is a look that looks a bit like how macOS treats widgets.

The update to Fences 5, which is currently in Release Preview, also adds a toggle to quick access content through the Peek functionality, which allows you to bring up fences over your other applications. You can also access Peek through a Taskbar hot corner.

Here are all the highlights of the update from Stardock:

  • Chameleon allows you to elegantly blend your desktop content into your wallpaper to reduce desktop distractions while maintaining quick access to your files, folders, and apps.
  • With a wide range of options like mouseover-highlight and more, Chameleon can be customized to your exact specifications
  • Peek toggle on the taskbar enables quick access to the patented Peek(tm) functionality making it even easier to stay in your workflow.
  • Taskbar hot corner provides flexibility for accessing Peek with new control options from the taskbar.
  • Advanced deployment tooling designed for the enterprise simplifies fleet management with the ability to easily export a configuration and load on login.
  • Enhancements to the Fences engine to improve performance…

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