Find My Device network is available to roughly half of Android users | News World

Item trackers for your smartphone are not a new concept, but Apple changed the game with its AirTag by making all of its devices work as a network for finding the tracker. Android finally has that same functionality and the hardware to use with it, but I can’t help but feel that the Find My Device network is being held back.

Google announced the rollout of the Find My Device network for Android on April 8. At the time, Google said that the network would be available starting in the US and Canada first before rolling out internationally. In the time since, the network has continued to slowly roll out more widely across the globe, but it’s still not available to all users.

Recently, we polled 9to5Google readers on whether or not they had the Find My Device network on their devices. As of June 1, over 3,600 responses to that poll revealed that, at least among our readership, roughly half of users had the Find My Device network active on their devices. Breaking…


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