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In addition to battery percentage, the Fitbit app is rolling out goal celebrations and the Steps streak in response to user feedback about the initial Material You redesign.

People missed the in-app goal celebrations when they hit their daily step goal, which Fitbit calls a “significant accomplishment,” and it’s now back as a result. These animations (as seen above) appear in the main metric — which Fitbit is taking great pains to inform people that they can customize outside of the default presets — with a Material You-esque design. The company tells us that this is rolling out now on Android and will be available to all iOS users in early January.

Meanwhile, Fitbit is bringing back the Steps streak, though it’s now on that metrics page instead of Today. You’ll see a card underneath the step chart that notes your active streak. This feature was originally only available on iOS, but is now launching on Android too.

Lastly, Fitbit also confirmed the rollout of battery percentage in the top-left corner of the Today tab. As we spotted, this is now available to “Pixel Watch users for the first time.” It was previously limited to Fitbit-made trackers and smartwatches. This is rolling out with Fitbit 4.04 on iOS. That version is not seeing wide availability on the Play Store yet.

*Note: Please be patient if you don’t see the update right away, as it will take some time to roll out to everyone.

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