Flash floods threaten South as severe storms pummel already waterlogged region | News World

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Flash flooding could strike across the South early this week as yet another round of severe storms drench already saturated ground, including parts of Texas where hundreds of people were rescued during torrential downpours last week.

More than 14 million people are under flood watches Monday into Tuesday in an expanse stretching from Central Texas to the Florida Panhandle, including the rain-weary areas just north of Houston. Metropolitan hubs that include Dallas, New Orleans, Shreveport, Mobile and Tallahassee could see flooding.

The South has been battered by several rounds of rain over the past week, including severe storms that moved through Texas and into Louisiana on Sunday, bringing some tennis ball-sized hail and prompting the National Weather Service to issue tornado watches and flash flood warnings.

Powerful winds, very large hail and a handful of tornadoes are expected as those storms advance into the Gulf Coast Monday and another wall of severe storms begins to ramp up across eastern Texas and Louisiana…

Source www.cnn.com

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