Ft. Wainwright opens new child development center | News World

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) – On June 4, Ft. Wainwright celebrated the opening of the new Denegee Child Development Center, which will serve as the new child care center for the residents on post.

Finding child care can be a difficult task. For those in the army, it’s something that is critical and comes with the career path for some. Working to expand that service for our men and women in arms, Ft. Wainwright has been building a new child development center where this care will be provided.

Beginning construction in April of 2022, the Denegee Child Development center has finally opened its doors and will start serving the Ft. Wainwright community next week. Denegee being the word for moose in the language of the Tanana Athabascans.

The opening ceremony saw a large gathering of military members and community partners ending with the cutting of a paper chain made by the kids of the current child care centers on Ft. Wainwright. Multiple speakers also took to a lectern to share the…

Source www.webcenterfairbanks.com

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