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Some Google Pixel owners are having issues with Gboard either being a tiny window or the proper size but with a very small font.

For some, the height of the Gboard keyboard is unchanged, but letters have drastically shrunk. Numbers that appear in the top-right corner are so small that they’re unreadable. Icons for the various Gboard functions, including voice typing, in the suggestions strip have also been impacted.

The keys are usable if you’re a touch typist, but the small Gboard font is otherwise a problem that looks related to DPI. That said, no other part of the UI is affected.

Another issue activates the floating keyboard and shrinks it down to a very small square that is unusable.

Credit: u/corrmaan and u/matturl

A pair of reports say this is happening after using Android Auto. Rebooting the device fixes the problem, but that’s tedious.

An alternative to turning off your phone is force stopping Gboard from the App info menu. Open the keyboard’s fullscreen settings page from the suggestions strip and enter the Recents menu to tap the icon above the multitasking card. You can also use the Gboard homescreen/launcher icon that you have to manually add: Gboard Settings > Preferences > Show app icon at the very bottom.

There are a handful or so reports from Pixel phone owners in recent days.

On a related note, I wish Gboard brought back the Keyboard heights presets. They were removed after the switch to a Resize UI that’s hard to maintain across devices.

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