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Generally speaking, tech nerds tend to be very particular about what they like and dislike, which makes it tricky to buy gifts for them. They also tend to be fairly well-equipped and already own most of the devices and gadgets they need, so zeroing in on something they’ll like that they don’t already have is extra difficult.

But don’t worry; we are particularly big tech nerds ourselves, and we’ve done the legwork to find gifts that will please even the most discerning nerds, no matter what type of technology they’re into. Here’s what to get the person who’s already neck deep in gadgets and gizmos.

For the keyboard enthusiast.

This might be the nerdiest keyboard in existence right now. Unlike the standard mechanical or optical switches you’d find on most keyboards, the Keychron Q1 HE is equipped with magnetic switches, which basically give it a bunch of customization options that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Every key switch has what’s known as a Hall Effect sensor in it, which allows the keyboard to recognize not only when a key is pressed, but also how far down it is at any given moment. This makes it possible to do things like customize the actuation point, register two different things with a single keystroke, or hit the same key in extremely rapid succession.

For the DIY electronics nerd.

In the words of PCMag computing analyst Michael Sexton: “This revision to the wildly popular platform for robotics enthusiasts and tinkerers features updated processing power that makes it significantly faster and hence more usable as a low-end PC for a variety of tasks than any of its predecessors, with a price of only $5 more. With faster hardware, punchier graphics, expanded storage support, and easy setup, it’s nigh impossible not to love the Raspberry Pi 5, earning it a rare five-star rating and our Editors’ Choice award.”

Anyone looking to dominate the virtual battlefield will want this powerhouse at their fingertips. This sleek beast

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