Google Leak Reveals Much-Needed Pixel 9 Pro Upgrade | News World

Google’s next Pixel smartphones are due to be launched next month, and new details suggest that a much-needed upgrade will make an appearance.

The team at Android Authority, quoting sources familiar with the matter, are reporting that the three Pixel 9 devices (the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL) will all feature an ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

This should improve the responsiveness and accuracy of the biometric sensor in the upcoming handsets. The fingerprint readers on the last few Pixel devices have not been well received, with Google’s support pages littered with complaints about the sensors, wondering why it can be unresponsive and inaccurate.

The current (and older) Pixels use an optical sensor, which can be weak in exactly the way that many users have discovered and, by their nature, are limited to scanning in 2D. A move…


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