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In a rather charming move that certainly has promotional benefits for the brand, Google wants to help animal shelters take better adoption pics by offering a free “Pawtraits Kit” that includes a Pixel 8 Pro.

Google notes how bad photos that are pixelated and blurry with poor lighting “often prevent dogs from being adopted.”

To help, the company is offering Pixel Pawtraits Kits that include a Pixel 8 Pro ($999), camera stand, colorful backdrops, and even dog toys. Its video showed off how shelters could take advantage of Photo Unblur, Magic Editor, and Magic Eraser.

Shelters can request a Pixel Pawtraits kits by filling out this Google Form today: “The Google Pixel team is trying to help dogs find their forever homes by giving select shelters the tools they need to produce amazing, adorable photos and videos of their residents so that every furry friend can put their best face forward.”

It’s quite lengthy and asks about shelter practices. Google notes how it “can’t guarantee that every shelter who requests a kit will receive one, we will review every request and be in touch with the shelters that are selected.”

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