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As previewed in early February, the Google Phone dialer app has removed the Nearby places search feature on Android.

Phone by Google no longer lets you look for businesses using the search field at the top of the app. In fact, the hint has been updated from “Search contacts & places” to just “Search contacts.”

Additionally, “Nearby places” no longer appears in settings. The feature would use your location to take into account what was in close proximity. Additionally, enabling “Personalized search results” would “Improve your search results by including items from your search history.”

Some people appreciated the convenience, but Google says “only a very small number of people use this feature.” In our experience, it wasn’t always accurate.

Google is officially directing people to use Search or Maps for phone numbers. This removal will let Google “focus on building the highest quality, most reliable, and most innovative experiences in phone calling.”

For example, in 2023 we launched new Call Screen AI features, Hold For Me and Direct My Call support in additional countries, and Call Screen transcripts on your Pixel Watch. There’s a lot more planned for 2024, and our team will be working hard throughout the year to launch and improve even more ways to help your phone calling experience!

With the last Pixel Feature Drop, Call Screen will offer a “Hello?” button if the line is silent to prompt the caller. There’s also “I’ll be right there” — “One sec, checking with the person you called” — to give you more time before answering

Back in February, Nearby places was already…

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