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According to new data, Google managed to grow the Pixel’s foothold in the US market through the course of 2023, even though it apparently shipped fewer phones in the country.

Pixel has never made a huge impact on the smartphone market, but that hasn’t stopped Google from pouring a lot of resources into getting the devices in the hands of buyers, especially in the US. Slowly, though, that’s been paying off. As was noted in Q4 2023, Google Pixel made up 3% of phones shipped in North America, representing significant growth.

Since then, new numbers have come out.

IDC reports that, in 2023 as a whole, Google Pixel made up 4.6% of the market. That’s up from 3.6% in 2022 and puts Google just ahead of TCL for 2023 to make up the fourth place position. That’s despite Google having actually dropped its shipments in the US year-over-year by 13.6%, where TCL increased its shipment numbers by 8.1%, but actually dropped its share to 4.2%.

Apple was the only other smartphone maker to grow in the US last year by 1.4%. Apple, according to the report, sits at 51.9% of the total market. Samsung, meanwhile, dropped a whopping 19% down to 22.4% of the total market.

Interestingly, Google seems to be doing especially well in unlocked sales, with 9% of smartphones sold unlocked in the States last year being Pixels. Lenovo took the top slot with Motorola making up 34%, and with Samsung and Apple at 20% and 19% respectively. The unlocked market, IDC says, grew by 1.1% in the US last year…

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