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Google launched AI Overviews in mid-May to all users and, following some viral mistakes, it seems the company has pulled back, as new research shows it may be appearing in merely 15% of search queries.

AI Overviews in Google Search, as Google itself said, are a feature of Search and will appear going forward when the system decides they might be useful, whether you want them or not. Google started rolling out the feature widely on May 14 and, as we quickly noted, it already seemed to show up less than it had during the initial run of the Search Generative Experience (SGE) experiment that launched in 2023.

Roughly a week after AI Overviews were made widely available, though, mistakes made by the AI were quickly made viral. Google defended AI Overviews on multiple occasions afterward, but also said it would take “swift action” on some of the dangerous replies. On May 30, Google again defended AI Overviews, but also said that it would make…


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