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Google Search is starting to roll out what might be a handy new feature, “custom filters.”

Showing up for some users in Search, “custom filters” can tailor search results from Google to fit your specific needs.

The filters can add specific keywords or filter using specific websites to help you better find what you’re looking for. You can also set a filter to search for specific file types (outside of webpages) including PDF, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and ebooks, as well as filter by domain type to search for sources from .org, .gov, and/or .edu websites. You can also filter by time including past hour, day, week, month, and year.

Once you’ve set the qualifiers in your filter, you can save the filter with a custom name and use it on any future search results.

Google has also provided a few examples of what custom filters in Search can do. These include:

  • Discussions – Only shows results from Quora and Reddit
  • PDF Only – Only shows results from PDF files
  • Past 7 Days – Only shows results from…


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