Google: There Is ‘No Straight Line’ Between AI and Job Loss | Technology

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Generative AI will almost certainly have a positive economic impact while “fears of large-scale technological unemployment” are “probably overblown,” according to new report from Google.

Google has invested billions in these technologies, including its Gemini chatbot, and we expect the company to introduce more AI-based products and features across search, the Pixel lineup, and more at its I/O conference next month.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that Google is arguing that embracing these AI products doesn’t have to come at an economic cost. “There is no straight line between the diffusion of a powerful technology and unemployment,” it says. “If generative AI can take over a quarter of a job’s tasks, for example, we shouldn’t automatically expect employment in that profession to fall by 25%.”

It cites the radiology industry as an example. A decade ago, widespread use of AI improved image detection while employment increased 3% amid a global shortage, the report says. (A March 2024 Harvard study found AI can actually harm radiologists’ performance.)

More broadly, “health and wealth have increased alongside technological progress,” the report says. The global median income has…


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