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Google TV is currently rolling out a new option for “Call notifications,” which lets select apps send calls to your TV.

On the latest updates for Google TV devices, Google Meet is able to trigger an underlying option for “Call notifications.” This opens up a new section of the Settings app, which lets you toggle on and off the ability for apps to deliver call notifications.

When opening Google Meet, a notification appears saying that call notifications have been enabled. In the Settings, Meet shows up as one app that can use the new permission, but it’s presumably not the only one. We’d guess that Zoom for Android TV OS, currently exclusive to Sony Bravia, would also work with this.

Google TV briefly explains via the Settings app:

When enabled, you can receive calls from supported apps on this device. To adjust preferences for call notifications for the individual apps, please refer to the settings in the respective apps. Call notifications only show while you are in your personal user profile on this TV. You can adjust this setting in other profiles to also receive calls when those profiles are active.

So, by Google’s description, this is an all-or-nothing setting unless apps offer granular settings for incoming calls per device. Though, notably, you can turn off app notifications on an app-by-app basis on Google TV through the Settings menu.

We were able to activate call notifications both on Chromecast with Google TV 4K as well as a Hisense TV with Google TV, both on their respective latest updates. That strongly suggests that this is something baked into the Google Meet app and/or a server-side change on…

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