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While Google offers no shortage of free services, some of its paid offerings are extremely tempting, and that’s probably no more true than for YouTube Premium. Spend any appreciable amount of time on regular YouTube, sitting through ad after ad, and you’ll be lining up to give Google your $14/month in no time at all to remove ads from YouTube.

AI is not (yet) the hook you’re biting at

At the time, we were thinking about Premium’s new AI-powered conversation tools, and while those sounded all sorts of nifty — is stuff like that really why anyone is paying for Premium?

Well, those of you who responded are clearly not fans of Google spending your subscription dollars on advancements in this direction, with a mere 13.1% interested in a YouTube Premium plan that might place an emphasis on advanced AI tools.

Frankly, Google’s interest in AI is likely to continue for at least the immediate future, whether paid subscribers are clamoring for it or not, so odds are we’ll…


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