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Excitement surged through the Pokemon Go community recently with news of an upcoming Research Task featuring Mythical Pokemon Zarude. But it wasn’t long before the excitement waned. Why? Because the Dark/Grass-type Pokemon was locked behind paid research.

Absent since 2021, players were disappointed to learn the only way to snag Zarude was by purchasing the Rogue of the Jungle research ticket for $8. Many in the community felt the price was too steep, especially for a Pokemon some consider mere Pokedex filler. While I disagree with the latter – Zarude is a reliable member of my team – I have to agree Niantic’s pricing felt like a cash grab.

Making matters worse, there was no guarantee the Zarude you paid $8 for would be worth the price. Despite this, and already owning one, I succumbed to the temptation so I could have another and give it a different moveset.

Because I bought the research ticket, to some, I am considered “part of the problem.” Admittedly, I readily spent money on Pokemon Go events in the past, but I’m now more selective. My shift stems from the game’s rising costs – a trend that likely won’t reverse.

Presently, the World of Wonders Season is live along with the $9.99 Wonder Ticket. To me, the ticket price is justifiable, as it unlocks plenty of quests, items, and includes the debut of Poison-type Ultra Beast, Poipole.

Buying the Wonder Ticket is the only way to acquire this Pokemon, because like Zarude, it is locked behind special research. Niantic might eventually offer Poipole through raids, as it has with other Ultra Beasts, but the company hasn’t announced any future plans for the Pokemon.

The ticket also comes with a Poipole Helmet for your avatar, Premium Battle Passes, a Lucky Egg, Incense, Charged TMs, encounters with Eevee and…

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