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New Paint app on Windows 11 | Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com.


  • Microsoft is enhancing the classic Paint app on Windows 11, introducing features like Layers and Transparency to make it more versatile, though it’s not aiming to compete with Photoshop.
  • Layers in Paint function like transparent sheets stacked together. Each layer can be edited independently, allowing for intricate designs. Think of it as making a sandwich, where each ingredient is a separate “layer” contributing to the whole.
  • Paint now supports transparency, enabling users to edit transparent PNG files directly in the app. This, coupled with the background removal tool, lets users create and modify transparent images without advanced software like Photoshop.

Microsoft is turning the classic Paint app into a valuable graphics editing software on Windows 11. The company is not trying to compete with Photoshop. However, it hopes to make Paint more powerful in the coming months, with the first big Windows 11 Paint update rolling out to testers in the Windows Insider Program.

The previous update added a Photoshop-like ‘background removal’ tool to Paint. Users welcomed this move, but the tech giant has more in the store. Microsoft is now adding Layers and Transparency features to Paint.

Layers are like transparent sheets of glass in Paint, meaning you can make changes to each layer independently and stack them together to create the desired art. If you know nothing about editing, imagine you’re making a sandwich or dish where each ingredient represents a different “layer.”

In the case of a sandwich, if you stack the ingredients on top of each other, you get a whole sandwich. This is similar to how the layer works in Photoshop or Microsoft Paint

You can use the layer feature in Paint to take your editing skills to the next level with more complex designs. You can add a picture to one layer, text to another, and then stack all…

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