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It’s been a while since Apple discontinued its leather sleeve for Macs and iPads. Luckily, Harber London – a company that specializes in making premium leather products – has some great sleeves and backpacks for you to carry your Apple devices around in ease. I’ve been trying out some of these products, so read on as I share my thoughts on them.

Harber London Sleeves

Harber London has a range of sleeves for different models of Macs and iPads. The one I have here is the Carry-All MacBook Folio, which has a more relaxed fit to hold not only your laptop or tablet, but also accessories.

The sleeve design is super stylish. The exterior is made entirely of full grain leather, which is more resistant and forms a unique patina over time. There are four different colors available: Tan, Black, Navy, and Deep Brown. Personally, I think Tan is the most elegant one. Inside, the sleeve is made entirely of wool with a few touches of leather.

You can choose…

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