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What happens when we die? That’s the question that has surrounded us since the dawn of humankind.

Visions of the afterlife and what it entails have been represented in games from Limbo to Spiritfarer, with multiple games providing thoughtful designs on the afterlife, inspired by the imagination and creativity of various game developers.

A new game is now added to that list with Hauntii. How you end up in a strange mysterious afterlife, as exploration and twin-stick shooting come to the fore, are the order of play. It’s a strange and haunting game that is fun and beautiful at the same time.

Ready for Hauntii?

The game starts with a shard of light coming from a planet. Inside is a small little ghost – Hauntii – landing in a version of eternity. As you progress through this strange landscape you soon bump into a white angel-like girl who you start to follow, ascending through the world. But suddenly you are dragged back to the bottom and you then try to…

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