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A hazmat team met a Frontier Airlines flight upon landing after airline crew were left feeling nauseous due to smelling a “fume-like odour.”

The crew were aboard Flight 990 on Thursday that departed from Denver when they started to feel sick and alerted the captain, the airline said in a statement to The Independent.

The odour was contained in the back of the aircraft, so no passengers were affected, according to Frontier Airlines.

Once the plane landed at its destination in San Antonio, the city’s fire department met the aircraft at San Antonio International at 1.50pm to test for any poisonous gases.

Hazmat suits were put on, and the crew hurried to the scene, taking extra precautions in case it was poisonous, but the crew found something a little less sinister.

“Originally, we were called for a strange odour on a plane and people feeling bad, so we sent a whole lot of people: hazmat, rescue, airport rescue, all these things out there, San Antonio Fire Department Public Information Officer Joe Arrington told My San Antonio.

No passengers were reported to have fallen ill

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“But once the plane landed, we realised there was no odour.”

It is unclear what caused the crew to think they could smell this mysterious odour, but Mr Arrington relayed that the nausea was isolated to four crew members and none of the passengers reported feeling sick.

As a precaution, the nauseous crew members were evaluated, but none needed further evaluation or treatment, according to Frontier Airlines.

All passengers on board were taken off the aircraft, and a maintenance team investigated the plane to determine the cause.

“It’s quickly de-escalating,…

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