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Following a study researching the average lifecycle of iPads in the US, CIRP is out today with a report on how long Apple users are holding onto their Macs before upgrading. As you might expect the trend is lengthening. Here’s how the Mac lifecycle has changed.

CIRP’s new data looks to quantify the trend of consumers keeping their devices for longer. For the US, the study shows the majority of Mac customers – 56% – are now holding on to their laptop or desktop for “3 years or more.” That’s up 16% from 2020.

All other lifecycle lengths gave up users to the “3 years or more” category. Those keeping their Mac for 2-3 years are down to 13% from 19% in 2020. Users keeping a Mac for 1-2 years is down to 19% from 23%, and those holding onto a Mac for…


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