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One of the more noticeable design changes in iOS 17 this year is in the Messages app. Apple has revamped the interface and moved access to iMessage apps and shortcuts to a new pop-up menu. Here’s a closer look at these changes, with a trick to get one-tap access to the Photos picker.

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How to customize the new iMessage apps interface

This change to Messages was controversial in the early betas of iOS 17, and Apple made a few changes to the interface throughout the beta testing process. Still, despite the beta tweaks, people are proving to be perplexed by these interface changes now that iOS 17 has been available to everyone for a few months.

In iOS 17, there’s a new “+” plus button next to the text field. Tapping this reveals a full-screen pop-up menu that gives you access to iMessage apps, as well as access to the Photos app picker to send images. The interface shows a handful of quick access icons by default, with a “More” option with every iMessage app you have installed.

My first tip for adjusting to this new interface in iOS 17 is to reorganize the order in…

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