High Bandwidth Memory Will Stack on AI Chips Starting Around 2026 With HBM4 | Science & Tech

SK Hynix and Taiwan’s TSMC have established an ‘AI Semiconductor Alliance’. SK Hynix has emerged as a strong player in the high-bandwidth memory (HBM) market due to the generative artificial intelligence (AI) craze. TSMC is the world’s largest semiconductor foundry (consignment production) company.

The strategy is to consolidate the victory of the two companies in the AI semiconductor market by gathering technology in next-generation AI semiconductor packaging.

Samsung is currently the lead in computer memory chips.

SK hynix Inc. is a South Korean supplier of dynamic random-access memory chips and flash memory chips.

TSMC is the dominant leader in advanced chip fabrication.

SK Hynix has established a one-team strategy including cooperation with TSMC on development related to HBM4, the sixth-generation HBM (High Bandwidth Memory).

SK Hynix will stack HBM4 directly on processors. This will change the way logic and memory devices are typically interconnected but will also change the way they are made. This may transform the foundry industry.

Currenty, HBM stacks integrate 8, 12, or 16 memory devices as well as a logic layer that acts like a hub. HBM stacks are placed on the interposer next to CPUs or GPUs and are connected to their processors using a 1,024-bit interface. SK Hynix aims to put HBM4 stacks directly on processors, eliminating interposers altogether.

This approach resembles AMD’s 3D V-Cache, which is placed directly on CPU dies. But HBM will feature considerably higher capacities and will be cheaper but slower than V-Cache albeit slower

The HBM4 memory will use a 2,048-bit interface to connect to host processors. This would make interposers for HBM4 extremely complex and expensive. This makes the direct connection of memory and logic…

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