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FarBridge Inc announced today that it’s partnering with Gearbox Entertainment to make Homeworld: Vast Reaches, the first virtual reality-based entry in the Homeworld series. Vast Reaches reimagines Homeworld’s strategic space battles in full VR environments, with players taking on the role of a new Fleet Command, Tyrra Soban. It launches on Meta Quest 2 and 3 sometime later this year.

Vast Reaches is set between the stories of Homeworld and Homeworld 2. According to FarBridge, Vast Reaches retains the mainline titles’ strategic approach to combat, with Fleet Commanders being able to reposition and move their ships from any angle. Tyrra partners with Karan S’jet, the Fleet Command from both original titles, to take on a mysterious new foe called the Radaa.

Richard Rouse III, FarBridge’s studio creative director, said in a statement, “We’ve taken care to make a new experience that both Homeworld and strategy game fans will enjoy. It’s been an honor to take
the amazing space battles and unique characters of Homeworld and let people play in an entirely new way with virtual and mixed reality.”

This is not the only Homeworld game that’s due to launch this year: Blackbird Interactive is developing Homeworld 3, the latest mainline entry in the series. This will be a more traditional strategy game, set to launch on PC. It was originally crowdfunded via Fig before publisher Gearbox Entertainment was acquired by…

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