Horizon Forbidden West review: the action adventure sequel has even more robot dinosaurs, of course it’s good | Gaming.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the post-apocalyptic wilderness, the giant dinosaur robots return. In fact, they never left! Go-gettin’, arrow-shootin’ warrior Aloy managed to delay the end of the world in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the death train is still chugging along to all life on Earth station via a (currently resonant) eco-disaster. In Horizon Forbidden West it’s because the AI created to heal the planet from the prior extinction event caused by humans isn’t working properly. Gaia, said AI, has been turned off and split into different parts, so yours and Aloy’s job sequel is to, firstly, reboot Gaia, and secondly collect all these subordinate functions. But nobody turned off the making robots button, which means this action RPG in a massive open-world still involves fighting rocket-launcher T-rexes. It’ll shock no one that this makes for a very good video game.

Not just them. A sequel demands new robots. The regular Watcher machines, the basic alarm/guard robots from Zero Dawn, have largely been replaced by Burrowers, akin to giant weasels. Other additions include the hippo-like Widemaws, something…

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