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Have you ever found yourself thinking you could do better than the F1 Team Principals during an action-packed race? Or do you want to immerse yourself in the strategy and high-octane drama of an F1 race weekend? F1 Manager 23 lets you do just that, and it’s available from today.

With broadcast quality presentation, and a more authentic recreation of an F1 race weekend than ever before, you can jump right into the action and manage your chosen F1 team on your terms.

An Immersive Broadcast Experience

If you’re an F1 regular, you’ll be immediately familiar with the broadcast experience in F1 Manager 23. We’ve gone to great lengths to replicate what you see on TV, from the timing tower which allows you to view important information like intervals and tyre compounds, to instant replays of key incidents in the race, with commentary from real-world commentators David Croft and Karun Chandhok.

Rarely does an F1 race go exactly to plan, and that’s something you need to consider as a Team Principal. Crashes, spins, and more can affect the outcome of the race. A safety car could drastically alter your strategy, or a red flag could bring a pause to the session, giving you a chance to rethink your plans.

Also new this year is the exhilarating visor camera. As introduced recently in real-world F1 broadcasts, you can now get closer to the action than ever before and see through the eyes of your drivers as they execute your every command. Alongside visor camera, our broadcast camera angles closely resemble those you would see during a live race on TV, allowing you to watch the race unfold on a broader scale.

The introduction of the DHL Fastest Pit Stop award to the game brings with it a new challenge for you to consider when managing your team….

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