How hurricanes will change as the Earth warms | World News | News World

By Jack Marley, Environment Energy Editor, UK edition.

How hurricanes will change as the Earth warms.

London, When Hurricane Beryl hit the Grenadine Islands on July 1, its 150-mph winds and awesome storm surge made it the earliest category 5 storm the tropical Atlantic has seen.

An active hurricane season in 2024 was forecast well in advance. However, the speed at which Beryl intensified, jumping from tropical-storm strength with winds averaging 70mph to major-hurricane status with 130mph winds in just 24 hours, astounded scientists.

“Beryl is a storm more typical of the heart of hurricane season than of June, and its rapid intensification and strength have likely been driven by unusually warm waters,” says Brian Tang, an associate professor of atmospheric science at the University at Albany, State University of New York.

As the world heats faster due to record fossil fuel emissions, research suggests that there are more unpleasant surprises to come.



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