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Voice actor Sarah Elmaleh spoke at the Game Developers Conference last week, but she also had a side duty, as she is chair of a union committee for SAG-AFTRA, which is in negotiations with the game industry over the impact of AI on performers who give life to video game characters.

Elmaleh is a voice actor who has appeared in triple-A games including Helldivers 2, Hi-Fi Rush, Halo Infinite, Gears 5 and indies like Afterparty, Pyre and Gone Home. So she knows the contract being negotiated will directly affect her livelihood.

She’s also chair of the Interactive Media Agreement Negotiating Committee, which works closely with the lawyers representing the union in negotiations.

Elmaleh’s directing credits span production scope from Goodbye Volcano High and 2024 IGF Independent Games Festival Nominees The Wreck to Fortnite and Call of Duty. She is a leading voice in organizing, advising, and educating in the games industry and academia, and is instrumental in the current negotiations between SAG-AFTRA interactive performers and video game companies… more

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