How Super Space Club Beautifully Pairs Hectic Arcade Gameplay with Pure Chill-Hop Jazzy Vibes | Gaming

  • Lo-fi arcade space shooter to chill to.
  • Stylized modern take on iconic classic arcade games that we all love.
  • Available now!

Hey! Graham here, the Jamaican solo indie dev behind your next favorite space shooter, Super Space Club. I’m a big fan of the shoot-em-up genre, and I also have a ton of respect for classic arcade shooters. I’ve always wanted to make my own arcade-inspired shooter, while also making it my own — visually, sonically, and mechanically driven by my interests and my background. That’s how Super Space Club came to exist, and I’m not sure there’s anything that’s beat-for-beat akin to it.

Your mission is to defend the galaxy by taking control of one of the five skilled anthropomorphic misfits known as the titular Super Space Club. Enemies are seemingly endless, profusely coming at you wave after wave, each wave increasing in difficulty and variety. You must skillfully dance around the sea of incoming attacks while launching your own, use your selected character’s ability to level the playing field, and if your ship runs out of energy, barely escape death by initiating your hyperdrive. This is the core loop of the game, and my homage to the arcade era of games where you could pick up and play a round or ten at any given point and thoroughly enjoy your time with it.

From there, I brought it to the modern era of gaming with the art direction, certain gameplay mechanics, and most importantly, the music. I didn’t want to add to the seemingly infinite list of space-themed games set in a realistic dark and moody universe with intense electronic music…

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