How to Investigate an OAuth Grant for Suspicious Activity or Overly Permissive Scopes | Cybersecurity

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From a user’s perspective, OAuth works like magic. In just a few keystrokes, you can whisk through the account creation process and gain immediate access to whatever new app or integration you’re seeking. Unfortunately, few users understand the implications of the permissions they allow when they create a new OAuth grant, making it easy for malicious actors to manipulate employees into giving away unintended access to corporate environments. In one of the highest-profile examples, Pawn Storm’s attacks against the Democratic National Convention and others leveraged OAuth to target victims through social engineering.

Security and IT teams would be wise to establish a practice of reviewing new and existing OAuth grants programmatically to catch risky activity or overly-permissive scopes. And, there are new solutions for SaaS security cropping up that can make this process easier.

Let’s take a look at some best practices for prioritizing and investigating your organization’s grants.

When should you investigate an OAuth grant?

Organizations approach OAuth grant reviews in a few different ways. Some opt to review new OAuth grants in real-time, initiating a review any time a user…


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